We started with the claim to guarantee outstanding quality with cooperative partnership. The result: our portfolio is developing successful and sustainable. It began with radio and telecommunications, the automotive and aerospace industry.

Clients from sectors like medical technology, robotics and commercial vehicles were added quickly through synergies.

Example: Development of electric transmission actuation

Transmission actuation has a significant influence over the size, costs and the efficiency of gears. For the last five years, K-tronik has been offering its expertise to a large Bavarian automotive group in the development of electric transmission actuation in conceptual development, predevelopment and series development. Thanks to our colleagues' wealth of experience, we have already registered three patents for this project, thereby contributing considerably to its success.

Example: Functional safety in compliance with ISO 26262

At K-tronik, transmission and engine electronics are always developed in accordance with ISO 26262. In several project steps we perform hazard and risk analyses, create the functional and technical safety concept as well as its planning, and provide the associated proof of safety. As part of the ISO 26262 standard, technical reviews are also performed during safety analyses in the areas of FMEA, FMEDA and FTA.

Example: High-voltage components for hybrid and all-electric commercial vehicles

Our engineers are working on the next step in commercial vehicle technology: electrification of the drive system. Our employees are developing high-voltage components for hybrid and all-electric commercial vehicles. On the one hand, these developments are based on high-voltage vehicle electrics and the distributor, ensuring ideal energy management of the vehicles. On the other hand, our engineers are also working on the battery system, the heart of any electric vehicle.

In particular we are supporting the development of control devices as well as the design of the cooling system of the accumulators. Safety considerations and electric simulations are included in the services provided by our experts.

Example: Controller development for turbines for a military transport aircraft

With this project we take over the troubleshooting on the aircraft turbine's control device, and take preventative measures. In addition to troubleshooting, we provide technical support and create tenders for electronic modules of the control device. We also control national and international suppliers in the project. In doing so, we design the simplification and automation of production steps for series production.

Example: Development and testing of an operating module for medical robots

In medical technology, our experts are working on developing robotised therapeutic devices for automated surgical procedures. Intuitive operation of the medical robots provides the best-possible support during medical interventions.

Our experts are developing the latest generation of operating modules that meet the high requirements placed on functional safety (IEC 60601 SIL 2) and clinical grade purity in medical technology, combined with the user-friendliness of a touch screen. K-tronik offers all services from a single source both on the hardware and the software side, ranging from finding the design, the specification and the third-party reference, through to testing and troubleshooting.

Example: Control software of a lightweight robot

We support the development of the control software that makes up the "brain" of a lightweight robot, which is recognisable thanks to its slimline design with seven axes. These robots can manoeuvre into nearly every nook and cranny and respond to the slightest touch. This means that people can safely work alongside these smart lightweights without safety fences.

We're involved in the specification, development and functional testing of safety control systems. For example, we test all of the possible sequences and combinations of movements so that potential errors can be detected and the robot's "heart" keeps beating steadily.

K-tronik also provides our customers' employees with training on R&D process management, and examines current processes in order to identify potential improvements.

Example: Mobile network testing

In the mobile communications sector, our engineers are working on developing new GUI components for drive testing software, whose application represents the analysis and optimisation of wireless networks. It enables coverage measurements, troubleshooting and performance measurements to be performed, as well as quality analyses in mobile networks. The software supports all current technologies such as GSM, EDGE, WCDMA, LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth and DVB-T.

As well as maintaining existing software components in the drive testing software, our team is working on the GUI requirements analysis and creating specifications, and is also verifying the software in the testing team.