Mechatronic Engineering

We operate as an engineering company in independent development divisions that are in close contact with our customers' specialist departments. In doing so, we take the individual requirements of the respective project blueprint into account.

As the second pillar, we support the development of mechatronic systems and components in the context of personnel services, as well as their validation by the right K-tronik experts for the project at the customer's site.

Functional Safety

Recognise hazards, define safety and provide technical implementation: Functional safety relates to the welfare of people in and around vehicles. It involves estimating how a car responds to an electronic malfunction at vehicle level, and what the effects on humans may be.

In the functional safety concept, we define at system level that is essential to guarantee safety at all times. Fault trees, analyses and agreements with colleagues from other systems support the process.

The technical implementation of all this is defined in the technical safety concept. Here, the individual components are broken down into precisely how the implementation must look.

Each of these three levels is separately verified and validated to guarantee the welfare of people in and around the vehicle as mentioned earlier.

Core Process of Development

We support our customers partially as well as holistically in the process steps of developing mechatronic systems and components.

K-tronik implements them using the blueprint required by the customer.

Support Processes of Development

K-tronik is on hand to provide our customers with technical and functional know-how as well as organisational and coordination skills.

These competencies support the technical development in the narrower sense, and ensure that the large number of requirements, change requests and errors that occur are defined and resolved during the course of the project.