K-tronik GmbH

About us

K-tronik operates as an engineering company for developing and validating mechatronic systems and components.

Short development times, cost pressures and increasing product diversity all require a highly productive project delivery.


Owner and CEO Andreas Küttel founded K-tronik GmbH over 10 years ago. Since then, he has strategically aligned the agile company with dynamic market requirements. Technical development is led by Sascha Saffari, a passionate electrical engineer with many years' experience in developing hardware and software for mechatronic systems and components.

Our company offers a modern and professional working environment that motivates experts to provide their best performance and promotes their skills. This is based on technical expertise and mutual appreciation, and is shaped by trust and cultural openness throughout the team.

K-tronik fields a highly-qualified international team of experts capable of meeting customers' challenging requirements.

  • Founded 2006 – owner managed
  • 120 empoyees
  • Locations in Garching & Ingolstadt
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 certified

Our Team

Passion for technology connects us and knows no borders, as is readily apparent from the 24 different nationalities represented in our teams of more than 100 K-tronik engineers.


As the backbone of our company, the team consists of Management, Technical Development, Account Management and Finance & Administration.

Tor reach our goal of continuous improvement we focus on technological know-how, on the customer, service quality, employee development, market monitoring, requirements planning and recruitment.

Specialized Service Provider

We operate as an engineering company for developing and validating mechatronic systems and components. Short development times, cost pressures and increasing product diversity all require a highly productive project delivery.

Quality and reliability are top priorities here. Our experts combine technical and specialist engineering expertise with complementary cross-disciplinary skills such as IT and project management.

We and our employees support through technical know how with the following models:

  • Contract for work
  • Service contract
  • Agile contract for work
  • Temporary employment

Constant care and individual training of our employees are the pillars of our continuous growth:

  • personal training plans
  • regular expert training
  • teambuilding measures
  • individual coaching

Continuous Growth

Ever since it was founded in 2006, our company's trajectory has been characterised by continuous and healthy growth. Our success in the market is not only due to our high standards of service quality; valuing our customers, colleagues and business partners also is a priority for K-tronik.

We're keen to tackle the exciting challenges that tomorrow will bring.

Our Team: A Blend of Brillant Individuals

Passion for technology connects us and knows no borders, as is readily apparent from the 24 different nationalities represented in our teams of more than 100 K-tronik engineers.

Mutual appreciation and cultural openness throughout the team create a positive, fair and helpful working environment.

Our Team

Andreas Hellinger

Head of IT & Communications

I would consider myself as an all-rounder. Computers, radio and electronics are the topics that have fascinated me since my childhood and still thrill me until today. After working for 10 years in the mobile measurement technology field I have become an IT supervisor at the K-tronik Backoffice. In my leisure time I am a radio ham and when I don’t work in my electronics lab, I enjoy sailing in the Mediterranean sea.

Christian Gersten

Account Manager

Passion for Technology.
The K-tronik claim also describes me as a person pretty well. Both privately and professionally I am always looking for new technical solutions and challenges. Especially exciting at work at K-tronik is the daily handling of new technologies and developments. You work day by day in other areas of engineering and get a very good overview of the development processes software as well as hardware. I like cooking privately and I am always open for a culinary exchange with our employees from more than 24 countries. My biggest wish is a culinary tour through Asia with my partner.

Max Hauke

Account Manager

"In Benzin Veritas" my biography would probably be called. My passion for cars and motor sports coupled with my fascination for technology and people brought me close to sales at an early age. So it quickly became clear which direction my future would take in the future. Fortunately, my search for a job during my studies brought me to K-tronik. I am currently studying International Management at the part-time university FOM. Privately I spend as much time as possible at the Nürburgring or at other car events of any kind. Food must not be neglected, just like the accelerator pedal when I am sitting in the car.

Dorottya Vadas

Recruiting Manager

I am originally from Hungary but I am living in Munich since 2012. After my studies – Business studies and marketing - I came to Munich to improve my German. I was happy to join the team of K-tronik in April 2017 as a Recruiting Manager. Communication and socialization are important to me, so usually you can find me at local events or festivals in the summer, since I am crazy about the sun. I am a big pet and animal fan; we have always had pets in Hungary, so I regularly donate at an animal care association. And last but not least: Nomen est omen, I am a hungry Hungarian! Do not laugh it’s true; I can always eat, anytime, anywhere!

Natalia Oleshchuk

Senior Finance & Administration Manager

I have a passion for figures and an even greater passion for people. That's why I'm so intrigued by foreign cultures, different ways of thinking and living, and in general by people who are willing to explore new avenues, put themselves on the line and stand up for humanity. I also try to "be there" for the people around me, both at work and at home. My aim is to overcome the challenges I face by showing great humanity and to grow in the process. That's not always easy an easy task, but my personal mission statement—"per aspera ad astra" (through hardships to the stars)—keeps me on track.

Alisa Kobasica

Finance & Administration Manager

I originally come from Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegowina, and moved to Munich in march 2018. I had absolved my masters degree on finances and management. Afterwards I have been working as USPTO patent analyst for three years, during which I learned a lot about the latest technologies. I am interested in traveling and taking pictures, that is why I always have problems with too little memory space. Furthermore I enjoy lying at the beach on a sunny day reading a good book.

Elena Polukarova


I was born in Russia and I am living in Munich since 2008 where I studied business administration. Since 2012 I am using this education to work for K-tronik in finance & administration. Like most women I love shopping and now I was offered the great opportunity to add this private passion to my professional career by joining the new K-tronik procurement department. Another passion of mine is photography, I especially like to take pictures of people and landscapes. It is a dream of mine to travel all around the world. This dream has already partly become true and I regard it as a challenge for the future to visit the rest of the world together with my family.

Alexandra Auffermann


My way starts in Würzburg. That belongs to Bavaria, but somehow not. After stations in New York, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, I moved to Munich (the real Bavaria) in 2010 to start a family. I love to go with my older dog lady in the English garden and let my thoughts run. My hobbies change often. At the moment I'm doing an Ableton Live course to get a taste of producing music, before that, I practiced the "Witschi, Witschi" on my Pioneer Controller. My training as a media designer for digital and print led me to the area where I feel at home. At K-tronik I work part-time for marketing and graphic designer and enjoy the mega nice working atmosphere.

Jessica Ma

(UX) Design

Simon Dabrowski

Software Engineering

I published my first webpage when I was 14 years old. That was so much fun that I sold my first web system just 2 years later. Now I’m studying economic computer science at TUM. Besides my studies I am working as a software engineer at K-tronik to get a feeling for the business in this field. Many years ago I started to do track and field athletics on a competitive level and I am training almost every day. In the summer holidays I am usually visiting mountains for biking or climbing and in the winter cross-country skiing.

Emil Milow

Software Engineering

I was born in cologne and early on I discovered my passion for computer science. When I was young I already developed my own websites and software. Apart from the computer I like to play hockey and meet my friends. Moreover I am studying applied computer science.

Hans-Albert Schneider

Software Engineering

"Everybody's afraid of computers. But there must also be people who tame these things. I want to belong to them. That must have been a similar thought that led me to study computer science, which was still a relatively young subject at the time. There were hardly any PCs, the WWW was far from being invented, and the Internet consisted of computers that called each other via telephone lines to exchange e-mails and other data. In short: I am an old hand among computer tamers. Nevertheless (or because of that?) "computing" has also become a hobby. For example, I take care of the Internet presence of my community (on the technical level, I leave it to others to fill with content). But computers aren't everything: After a serious illness I rediscovered travelling and hiking (but I don't take the time to blog about it ;-) ). And the Sunday afternoon belongs to parlour games.

Dr. Alexander Bernhardt

Software Engineering

Programming has accompanied me since my physics studies. When I came to Germany, I immersed myself in software development and made it my profession. So far I have been active in interesting projects in different industries. Currently I am working in a very exciting project at K-tronik on site for a customer in the field of radio and communication. Over the years I have gained experience in various areas of life. So I had also found pleasure in sailing, mountaineering and cycling with friends. Many things belong to the past, but there are still many new things to discover. In my spare time I like to travel, not necessarily to distant countries, but more through Germany and Europe. I like to ride my bicycle and enjoy walking through the woods. I try to do this every day half an hour after work in suitable weather. Apart from that I am interested in many other topics, such as science, technology, politics and history.

Markus Schwenk

Project Leader Development

I was interested in cars very early on. (my first word before Mom or Dad was Auto J). That's why I decided at the beginning of my career to train as a mechatronics technician and to continue my training as a motor vehicle technician/master. I am pleased that K-tronik gives me the opportunity to contribute my knowledge and passion for one of the largest car manufacturers in Germany. My area of expertise are intelligent actuators in the field of drive systems. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends in my home town, the Franconian Lake District. The nearby Brombachsee is perfect for bicycle tours, swimming and chilling. Another passion for me is football, both as a fan of FC Bayern Munich and as an active player.

Mithun Ramalingam Parthiban

Project Leader Development

As an Indian with heart, I have let my head get infected by German culture since 2012, but with positive effects! I started my job with K-tronik as a development engineer in 2015. In our team I am called the 'Motorman' (a little exaggerated, lol!) because I have deepened in the field of design and development of electric motors. Privately I like cooking chicken dishes and I love action and watching sci-fi movies in the cinema. My sporting interests change faster than a frog jump. I played badminton and then I switched to tennis. Recently my interests lie in squash and bouldering. I am curious: What's next?

Dennis Laue

Gear electronics / actuators

I studied mechatronics with a focus on automation technology, because for me technology is a means to improve the lives of all people. As a project manager in development, I made my passion my profession. In my spare time I like to work, help other people with their problems, stand up for a free Internet, eat with friends or go to the cinema.

Dharmesh Varia

Gear electronics / actuators

Alexander Schumann

Gear electronics / actuators

I grew up in Hessen where I later successfully completed my mechanical engineering studies with a focus on automotive systems engineering. During my studies, I had an exciting time in the development department of a large automobile manufacturer. From then on, my career path was clear to me: technical development in the automotive world. Thanks to K-tronik, I can now follow this path when, a few years ago, I was lured from K-tronik to beautiful Bavaria. I am particularly interested in the current innovation areas in the automotive industry, such as alternative drive systems or autonomous driving, and I am very curious to see where the journey will take me. Privately I spend most of my free time as a father of two with my dearest ones and if there is a minute or two to spare, I hop on my motorcycle and ride in the Upper Bavarian nature.